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Businesses and Services

What we do

Engineering to the Core

In-House Engineering and Project Management Team ensures accurate design & timely delivery upto 400kV switchyard and various plants viz. cement, sugar etc.

Complete Procurement Solution

Associated with wide spectrum of manufacturers in all sectors which ensures that clients receive exactly what they need and in a timely manner.

Construction & Project Management

An ERP based approach to integrate various organizational systems and to facilitate and deliver the project on time without any compromise on quality.


Constantly endeavouring to upgrade our skills, procedures and modern techniques.

  • Engineering and Consultation
  • Construction of Electrical Switchyard and various Plants
  • Infrastructure Development & Environmental Restoration
  • Harmonic Studies and Energy auditing
  • Complete Renewable Energy
  • Complete Electrical Switchgear, Equipment & Materials
  • Line Materials & Plant Materials
  • Safety Equipment & Tools
  • Construction Heavy Machinery Equipment & Materials
  • Security & Access Control Systems

Deccon Superior Products:

Est. 1984

Specialize in the manufacture of HT and LT switchboards and distribution panels, DP Structures, Lighting Poles and custom built DB's, Manufactured & Fabricated more than 22 products ranging from ACDB, DCDB, BMK, MCC, PCC, Lighting Poles & DB's, LT Power Distribution Boards, VSD Control Panels, etc.

Chennai Electrikkals:

Est. 1996

Dealers and suppliers of all materials related to Civil, Mechanical and Electrical. HT, LT, Lighting, Earthing, Safety, All Switchyard Materials, Other hardware like G.I pipes, Cable trays, Steel, Fencing, Switchgears, etc. We are top preferred vendors consecutively for 4 years for Siemens, ITC, Schneider, Tenova (Takraf), etc. Also have executed export jobs to Zambia, South Africa, Central America, Indonesia, Sri lanka.

Spectra Paints and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd

Est. 2000

Manufacturer of the complete range of customized tailor made oil based industrial coatings, industrial specialty coatings like Primers, synthetic enamel, acrylic, Epoxy Paints, Poly Urethane, etc. Cater to both Industrial as well as Commercial requirements.

Chen Elec Construction and Consultancy Services

Est. 2008

Carry out civil, mechanical and electrical construction, transformer oil filtration, liaison with electrical inspectorate for approvals. Also undertake up to 220 kV switchyard erections.